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Combine Internet and Phone Service into
One Managed Solution and Save Big!

Since a missed phone call, e-mail or critical data can mean a missed business opportunity, a business VoIP solution is essential. Streamline your network operations and reduce downtime with Qos Communications Managed VoIP Bundle. By combining all of your local, and long distance needs into an integrated managed communications platform, you'll simplify your network and take advantage of purpose-built solution designed to handle your business requirements. All without an expensive equipment overhaul.

Qos Communications Managed VoIP Bundle is a powerful, scalable, and flexible all-in-one business solution that lets you make local and long-distance calls using an Internet connection. You'll also be able to connect and support locations on the service easily thanks to a web-based portal that allows you to manage users and features. And with the simple click of the mouse, your users can route calls to their current location and manage other features such as voice mail.

Current QoS Customers can make payments and access the portal here.